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Wednesday, 31 October 2012
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If there’s one time that we always want to look our best, it’s when we hit the town on a night out. From their perfectly styled lippy right down to their skyscraper high heels, girls will go to any length to look their best.

If you’re running a bit low on time, and perhaps can’t devote as much effort to your beauty regime as you’d like, there’s always one purchase that will make all the difference: a fabulous new party frock.

So, if you have a special night out planned and you’re looking to treat yourself with a new dress, here is a look at 4 of the best dress styles currently available.


This famous classic has had a huge revival in recent months. This is thanks to the massive popularity of bright red lipsticks and chunky statement necklaces, both of which bring to life the classic black frock. This should be a wardrobe favourite for most women, as black dresses are flattering on all shapes and won’t show a stain from a big night out.

The Peplum

The peplum style has taken over everything from the work skirt through to the casual top and the evening dress. The added layer of material is excellent for concealing a big problem area for a lot of women: the bulge of the hips and waist. It also accentuates the classic hourglass shape and defines the waistline. Peplum dresses are fabulous for a very chic and classy look, perfect for hitting a trendy cocktail bar with friends.

Fabulous ‘50s

If there’s one decade of fashion that has come back swinging this season, it’s the glorious 1950s. Think stunning print designs, full skirts and cinched waists, all combining for an entirely sweet and feminine result.

The rise of the hit TV series Mad Men is largely responsible, with sex symbols like Betty Draper spurring on this fashion trend. This is a great style for women with fuller figures, as it shows off your waist and hides larger hips and thighs. The floral prints and patterns will also add a wonderful burst of colour as the weather cools down.

Body con

Now, it’s not a style to suit every figure but if you have the goods then no other dress will flaunt it like a body con. Body con, short for body contour, is all about showing off. The wrap design works well in classic black, or a royal blue or red. Pair it with a set of killer heels and you’re ready to tackle any nightclub.

                                              Which is your favorite for a night out?

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