Peplum top for princesses

Monday, 19 August 2013
Здравейте, принцески!
Навярно вие също имате дреха в гардероба си, която ви кара да се чувствате изключително женствено. Ето я моята- кокетен пеплум топ от  Sheinside, който обожавам. Комбинирах го с пола, (искате ли да ви издам тайна? Това всъщност не е никаква поличка, а стара тениска, която вързах отзад на панделка) тей като целта ми беше тази изключително момичешка визия. Ако пък сте сред привърженичките на по-удобните аутфити, предлагам ви комбинацията с шорти за забележителна градска визия. Пеплумът ще стои страхотно и с дънки. 
Възможностите са много- изборa оставям на вас.
До скоро, останете все така прекрасни!
Hello, princesses!
Do you have something in your closet, which makes you feel like a real lady? Because I do. This is my new peplum top from Sheinside, which I adore. You can wear it in so many ways, depends on your style. If you want to look feminine, combine with a skirt like me (do you want to tell you a secret? Actually it's not a skirt, it's just an old T-shirt) 
Maybe you are a fan of more comfortalby outfits? Than wear with shorts for a beautiful urban look. The combination with jeans is not a bad idea as well.
I am sure you will look perfect in every outfit, I've suggested you.
Stay lovely!


  1. Lovely photos! The top is simply beautiful! :)
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  3. you look lovely ,

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  4. Oh really lovely outfit. Now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back!

  5. it really does look like a princess top - so pretty xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  6. hi dear. love what you did with that skirt.
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  7. Such a pretty peplum top, I like the print and detail :)
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  8. so pretty! lovely blog!!

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  11. wow, the peplum top is sooo sweet!!

  12. I love your outfit! Your shoes are just amazing!
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  13. Lovely outfit, I like the peplum floral top !
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  14. wow, you look amazing!
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  15. Beautiful! Love your top... so much! :) Check out my blog... do you wanna follow each other?

  16. I have to say that this top is pretty ;)

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  17. You look fantastic, I love the peplum top!
    Mafalda ❤

  18. Fantastic blog, amazind pics!
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  21. Great Outfit!

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  25. You are so lovely. Looking great :)

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