Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Champagne, glamour and sparkle... these are the keywords for every New Year's Eve party. Nothing is too much or too bright in this special night.

New Year's Eve makeup

Monday, 29 December 2014

Another year has almost flown by! Can you believe this?

At this time of the year we all get a bit nostalgic, melancholic, but
excited too... excited about all the things about to come, about exploring new horizonts and opportunities.  You know the feeling, right?

Burgundy all-over

Saturday, 27 December 2014

After all Christmas looks I showed you the last weeks, I decided to go back to my favourite burgundy. This is one of the colours, which could be a very smart choice for your New Year's Eve outfit. There is just something very majestic and aristocratic about it, so go for this hue, if you are looking for a noble and elegant look.

DIY Hot Chocolate for Christmas

Tuesday, 23 December 2014
There is no better way to spend Christmas than enjoying good food/drinks in the company of our beloved ones.
This is why today there will be no outfit post, but another DIY post dedicated to the most favourite Christmas drink of all of us- hot chocolate. I know this may look like a calorie bomb to you, but after all holidays mean more time for us, time to get spoiled... so, goodbye, guilty feelings!  
This drink is not only suuper delicious per se, but tastes even better in combination with the carrot cake I've shown you a few days ago (recipe here)
If you are interested in how to make your own yummy Christmas hot chocolate keep on reading! 

Casual Christmas

Sunday, 21 December 2014
Within my Christmas series I've shown you a few elegant looks (this one, this one and this one) so now it is time for something more casual and comfy.

Christmas inspiration with green poncho

Friday, 19 December 2014

If you follow my blog for a while now, you probably know that I am a big fan of knitwear. This is why today I decided to introduce you one of my newest and most favourite winter combinations. 

Christmas Carrot Cake

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Last week I made delicious carrot cake for my birthday and I decided to share the recipe with you today. The result was something very light and tasty and the good news is that you don't need much products do it- you probably already have most of them in your kitchen.
While I was making the "snowy" decoration of the cake, I thought it could be the perfect surprise for your guest and beloved ones during the upcoming holidays.  
Actually, this is my first post of this kind (cooking/baking), so please be gentle to me. If you want to see more interesting recepies infuture, please let me know in the comments below.

So, let's get started!

Christmas mood in red

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas is coming, which means one thing: it is time for the second outfit of my Christmas series. 

I have to admit that red is definitely not the most dominant colour in my closet, but every year at this time I start wearing it more often. For me it is perfect for the holidays since this is the colour associated the most with Christmas, and you can't go wrong by going for it. I don't know about you, but when I wear red, I automatically get into Christmas mood.

Christmas mood with 101 Dalmatians

Friday, 12 December 2014
Today I decided to start new series on the blog dedicated to the upcoming holidays.  I will try to spread some christmas mood with the posts I've planned for you, and hopefully- to inspire you.

Quinceanera Dresses

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Have you ever heard of Quinceanera dresses? I have to admit, despite claiming to be a true fashionista, I did not know what the term actually refers to. If you are like me, keep on reading and find out more about the interesting tradition of these dresses. You can also follow my guide, which hopefully will help you find the right gown. 

The shirt dress

Monday, 8 December 2014

Today I have prepared one comfy and definitely eye catching outfit for you, guys. 
  I have to note that it might be too brave for some of you, but you can always adapt it to your personal style and taste.

Oversize is the new size

Friday, 5 December 2014

Finally the time for winter outfits has come, which means one thing: more cozy combinations.
When we are talking about coziness during the winter time the first thing that comes to my mind is "OVERSIZE", namely oversized coats

My detox experiment

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Recently I decided to start my first detox treatement in order to clean myself inside and out and feel fit, focused and energetic again. I believe everyone should detox from time to time, because we really need flushing out toxins lurking in our body.


Boho vibes

Friday, 28 November 2014

Едно от най-хубавите неща при създаването на нов аутфит е възможността за превъплъщаване в нови вълнуващи роли. Ето защо смея да твърдя, че модата е едно от най- силните оръжия, с които можем да преоткрием себе си, отключвайки неподозирани страни от своя характер чрез различни стилове. Днес сме смела бунтарка, утре пък- свободолюбиво хипи. Разбира се, това съвсем не значи, че е необходимо да изглеждаме като излезли от филм, често лек допълнителен щрих е напълно достатъчен, за да се превъплътим в желания образ.

Днес реших да ви представя една есенна визия с бохо акценти, за съжаление все по-малко приложима в ежедневието заради минусовите температури. Наскоро открих това неповторимо яке с ресни и просто нямах търпение да го споделя с вас. 
Отдолу реших да заложа на изцяло черна визия, тъй като грабващите окото дизайн и цвят го правят достатъчно силен акцент.

А вие намирате ли превъплъщаването в различни роли в ежедневието за вълнуващо? 
Споделете с мен в коментарите!


Some of the things I like most about creating a new outfit combination is that you can transform in different roles every day.
That is why I believe fashion is one of the most powerful weapons thanks to which we can unlock unsuspected sides of our character by dressing in different styles. Today we are a brave rebel, tommorow - a freedom loving hippie.
Of course, this doesen't mean that we should look like we came straight out of a movie, sometimes all we need is a little touch.

Today I wanted to show you this fall look with boho touches, which unfortunately is not very appropriate for the negative temperatures outside, but I just couldn't wait to share my new fringe jacket with you. Underneath it I went for this simple all-black look, because its unique design and colour are eye catching enough.

Do you find transforming in different roles as much exciting as I do?
Share with me in the comments!

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DIY mask for damaged hair

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hair is a girl's best accessory, don't you think?
This is why we should always do our best in order to make it look healhy and shiny. Easier said than done, I know.  Hair care often means expensive products and treatments, but this does not mean that we can't achieve the same (and sometimes even better) effect in home conditions.

Urban chic

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Днес съм ви подготвила поредната доза кежуъл шик, съставена от едно впечатляващо трио, достойно за завистта на заобикалящите минувачи. 

Дълго време бях в търсене на жилетка с изкуствен косъм докато намеря подходяща в желаната от мен гама и дължина. Предусещам, че това ще бъде един от константните елементи в ми бъдещите аутфити. А вие имате ли свои фаворити, които ви се струват подходящото допълнение към всеки един тоалет и бихте искали да ги носите почти всеки ден?

В стремежа си да внеса щипка градско удобство във визията, добавих любимите си дънки с висока талия. Излишно е да подчертавам предимствата им и магическия начин, по който преобразяват женската фигура, изтъквайки всички нейни дадености.

Нека не забравяме и ризата в така харесвания от всички таран, сигурно държащ позиция на модния подиум и този сезон, нашепвайки ми бунтарски и внасяйки известна доза небрежност в аутфита. А искате ли да ви издам една малка тайна относно произхода на ризата? Наскоро я открих дълбоко заровена в гардероба на малкия си брат и бързо реших да й намеря ново приложение. Shame on me! Good for me! Започвайки с аутфита от отминалата седмица, днешният също е своеобразно продължение на моята малка-голяма кампания, озаглавена "как да носим дрехите на своите роднини" и да си осигурим забележителен аутфит, богат на история и спомени.


It's time for another dose of casual chic. Three on first sight simple elements which in combination give something worth people's jealousy.

I was searching for a faux fur vest like this for a very long time until I found the perfect one in the right colour and length. I can say that this will be one of the most constant elements in my outfits in the future. Do you also have this one special item in your closet which makes any outfit look better? 

In order to add a "pinch" of urban comfort, I went for my favourite pair of high waisted jeans. There is no need to emphasize the benefits and all "magic" things they do with the female body.

Not to forget the tartan shirt which is a hit this season (again). I like the soft grunge and casual vibe it adds to the outfit. Do you want a secret? I recently found this shirt hidden in my little brother's closet and voilà... I found a way to make it look wearable. Shame on me! Good for me! Starting with my outfit from the previous week, today I continue my little-big campaign called "how to wear your relatives' clothes" and to create an outfit filled with history and memories.
 What do you think?

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Monday, 17 November 2014
Two and a half years of blogging and not a single post dedicated to the Little Black Dress!? Shame on me! I even had to search all my publications to make sure I haven’t written a post exclusively on this statement piece every woman should own. LBD is a closet must-have and probably will always be.  But where did this style actually come from?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) the dress was mentioned for first time in 1902, in The Wings of the Dove, a novel by Henry James: "She might fairly have been dressed tonight in the little black frock that Milly had laid aside." Actually, the black dye was one of the most expensive dyes back then and therefore - a symbol of wealth.Therefore, the black dress was something only the richest people were pleased to have.

The LBD is mostly associated with Coco Chanel, but according to many sources Chanel did not invent the Little Black Dress, she only helped to popularize it. The British designer Edward Molyneux played also a very important part in the LBD history.

Despite that the dress has come a long way during all decades, it is still some of the most wearable, all-time favourites. This is what a real classic means, right? Therefore, every lady should have at least one black dress, as it fits every body shape and is perfect for almost every occasion as well. It is probably one of the few clothing items, suitable not only for party queens, but also for all casual ladies out there.

You find LBD too boring? You have a déjà vu feeling wearing LBD? Don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal to feel this way as a lot of women go for this piece in their effort to look polished and pretty.
Add a bright blazer, eye-catching accessories, colorful tights or shoes… these are just some of the many ways to make your classic look completely unique and breath-taking.

 Check out some of the dresses, I’ve picked for you. You can buy these and other little black dresses on Millybridal. Make sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Just a quick reminder: as previously mentioned, the brand offers all kind of special occasion dresses (not only black frocks) such as  Wedding Dresses Online, Bridesmaid Dresses, Prom dresses, Cocktail Dresses, or said in other words: something for every taste and occasion.

Source of information on LBD: Ehow
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Negligee feeling

Thursday, 13 November 2014

 Нищо не е в състояние да ме накара да се чувствам по-удобно и приятно в мъглив и сив ден от топли материи и обемни дрехи, неразделна част от есенно-зимния ми гардероб напоследък. Приветствам ги топло заради чувството на свобода и удобство, с което ме даряват в онези малко по-неглижарски дни.

Настроена на такава вълна, съвсем наскоро реших да създам тази на пръв поглед непретенциозна и лесна за постигане визия. Поради силното си кежуъл излъчване, преплетено с лека шик нотка, идеална за целта се оказа макси пола в есенни багри, отмъкната от гардероба на мама. Шалът-наметало пък засилва небрежното излъчване на аутфита и ме обгръща с мека топлина.


Nothing else can make me feel more comfortable and cozy on a foggy gray day than warm fabrics and voluminous clothes.  Recently they've become a very imporant part of my fall-winter outfits, because of the comfy and free feeling they give me. This is what makes them so perfect for those negligee days when everything we want is coziness.

In a day like this I decided to create this on first sight very unpretentious and easy for achieving look. Perfect for the outfit turned out this beautiful maxi skirt in autumn colours, which I recently stole from my mom's closet. I find it perfect due to the unique combination of strong casual vibe and chic. In order to wrap myself in something soft and warm and, of course, to finish this negligee look, I went for this shal-mantle. 

What is your opinion on negligee looks?

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Bodycon dresses

Tuesday, 11 November 2014
Attention: dangerous curves ahead! It’s bodycon dress time!
It is well known that the bodycon is a must-have for every night out. But what do we actually know about this fabulous piece?  

Hervé Peugnet was the pioneer in the creation of the Bandage Dress in 1989 and the peak of the bodycon trend was in the 90’s. The term bodycon refers to body conscious as this is definitely a dress worn to underline the body shape rather than to hide it. 

Due to their tightness, these dresses certainly aren’t flattering all figures, but they can work on almost every body type, especially on women with an hourglass shape. If you’re owner of pear body shape, try a dress that emphasizes your upper half. In case curves are not your main feature, feel free to pick out a dress with hourglass cutouts, which will accentuate your hips. And most important: choose a gown you feel confident in and be sure it fits you good– nothing is worse for your confidence than tugging and pulling the dress the whole time.
If you are interested in bodycon dresses, I recommend you checking the site of the brand Tidebuy. Take a look at the big variety of sexy bodycon dresses and cute bodycon dresses. Good alternative for all budget-conscious ladies out could be the cheap bodycon dresses.

 If you are a first time bodycon dress wearer and haven’t decided yet, if you are a fan of this trend, I recommend you going for darker colours. It is well known that black is a slimming colour, which means the failure risk is lower. This in combination with a flattering bodycon dress silhouette will keep you away from fashion fails. I recommend you choosing something similar to this:

If you are a curvier lady, choose a colour block dress with fabulous fit. This way you will emphasize your assets and distract the attention from the unbeneficial parts of your body. Tidebuy is offering cheap sexy dresses in colour block design as well, so check them out.

Tip: Try to avoid wearing statement accessories. Keep in mind that with bodycon dresses, your greatest accessory is your curves. The simpler, the better.

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