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Monday, 4 August 2014

Today I have something special for the days when you want to feel stylishelegant and classy. In moments like these you just need something little and special to help you change into the sophisticated lady you don't show every day, but which you actually are.

I present you this really unique necklace which I thought should be the highlight of this post. 
I was impressed by its design - the combination of stones in two of my favorite colors makes it look so glamorous that falling inlove with it was inevitable.
 If I have to be honest, I was searching for the perfect statement necklace for a long time and I think I've finally found it! 
I like statement necklaces, because, if you choose the right one for you, it will totally make a magic with your look - it can change even the most boring outfit into a real eyecatcher.

If I have awoken your interest with this jewellеry, I recommend you checking the website of the boutique where you will find this and other interesting accessories, which will make you look and feel like a real queen.
Don't forget that every woman is a real piece of jewellery, which needs a little extra shine so it can sparkle brighter.

Днес съм ви подготвила нещо специално за дните, в които искате да се почувствате стилноелегантно и от класа. В такива моменти се нуждаете от нещо мъничко и ефектно, за да се преобразите в изисканата дама, която всъщност сте, просто не всеки ден показвате.

Представям на вашето внимание това уникално колие, което толкова ме впечатли, че реших да го превърна в "хайлайт" на поста. В бижуто ме привлече най-вече интересната комбинация на камъни в два от най-любимите ми цветове.
Трябва да призная, че от дълго време бях в търсене на перфектната стейтмънт огърлица, която да е в състояние да разнообрази и най-скучния тоалет и да привлече погледите. Ето че за мое най-голямо щастие я намерих!

Ако с представеното бижу събудих интереса ви, посетете страницата на бутика, от който може да закупите него или други забележителни аксесоари и си осигурете пленяваща визия. Защото всяка една жена е истинско бижу, което се нуждае от малко допълнителен блясък, за да може да разпръсква своя чар с пълна сила.

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  1. this necklace is perfect for days when one wants to be a elegant gal
    great pics , first one is my fav
    keep in touch

  2. Your photos are so gorgeous! Your necklace is great, but your eye makeup is what really has my attention.


  3. Such a pretty necklace!

    x Angela //

  4. Thx for your comment i'm following your blog now and i'm waiting for you! ;))

  5. Your eyes/make up are so amazing! They match your necklace!

    xo freshfizzle

  6. That is such a beautiful necklace! I love the blue and green together. I would wear that any day hehe.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  7. Sublime necklace! Wow you are beautiful!


  8. stunning necklace!

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    You're so gorgeous! That necklace looks stunning!
    I'm so loving your quote at the end of your post <3

  10. This necklace is amazing, you look so pretty in this piece!

  11. You look so beautiful! And such a nice necklace :-)
    Thanks for your comment btw.

    Stop by anytime:

  12. gorgeous necklace!!!

  13. you look so beautifull i very like your blog.
    you ask abot fallow eatch other i say yes!
    I fallow you as lexy pleas fallow me back


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