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Tuesday, 11 November 2014
Attention: dangerous curves ahead! It’s bodycon dress time!
It is well known that the bodycon is a must-have for every night out. But what do we actually know about this fabulous piece?  

Hervé Peugnet was the pioneer in the creation of the Bandage Dress in 1989 and the peak of the bodycon trend was in the 90’s. The term bodycon refers to body conscious as this is definitely a dress worn to underline the body shape rather than to hide it. 

Due to their tightness, these dresses certainly aren’t flattering all figures, but they can work on almost every body type, especially on women with an hourglass shape. If you’re owner of pear body shape, try a dress that emphasizes your upper half. In case curves are not your main feature, feel free to pick out a dress with hourglass cutouts, which will accentuate your hips. And most important: choose a gown you feel confident in and be sure it fits you good– nothing is worse for your confidence than tugging and pulling the dress the whole time.
If you are interested in bodycon dresses, I recommend you checking the site of the brand Tidebuy. Take a look at the big variety of sexy bodycon dresses and cute bodycon dresses. Good alternative for all budget-conscious ladies out could be the cheap bodycon dresses.

 If you are a first time bodycon dress wearer and haven’t decided yet, if you are a fan of this trend, I recommend you going for darker colours. It is well known that black is a slimming colour, which means the failure risk is lower. This in combination with a flattering bodycon dress silhouette will keep you away from fashion fails. I recommend you choosing something similar to this:

If you are a curvier lady, choose a colour block dress with fabulous fit. This way you will emphasize your assets and distract the attention from the unbeneficial parts of your body. Tidebuy is offering cheap sexy dresses in colour block design as well, so check them out.

Tip: Try to avoid wearing statement accessories. Keep in mind that with bodycon dresses, your greatest accessory is your curves. The simpler, the better.

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  1. I think they are totally gorgeous. Perfect for an evening out!

  2. gorgeous dresses , so loved the lace detailing
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  5. i love bodycon dresses for a night out! :))

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