Monday, 17 November 2014
Two and a half years of blogging and not a single post dedicated to the Little Black Dress!? Shame on me! I even had to search all my publications to make sure I haven’t written a post exclusively on this statement piece every woman should own. LBD is a closet must-have and probably will always be.  But where did this style actually come from?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) the dress was mentioned for first time in 1902, in The Wings of the Dove, a novel by Henry James: "She might fairly have been dressed tonight in the little black frock that Milly had laid aside." Actually, the black dye was one of the most expensive dyes back then and therefore - a symbol of wealth.Therefore, the black dress was something only the richest people were pleased to have.

The LBD is mostly associated with Coco Chanel, but according to many sources Chanel did not invent the Little Black Dress, she only helped to popularize it. The British designer Edward Molyneux played also a very important part in the LBD history.

Despite that the dress has come a long way during all decades, it is still some of the most wearable, all-time favourites. This is what a real classic means, right? Therefore, every lady should have at least one black dress, as it fits every body shape and is perfect for almost every occasion as well. It is probably one of the few clothing items, suitable not only for party queens, but also for all casual ladies out there.

You find LBD too boring? You have a déjà vu feeling wearing LBD? Don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal to feel this way as a lot of women go for this piece in their effort to look polished and pretty.
Add a bright blazer, eye-catching accessories, colorful tights or shoes… these are just some of the many ways to make your classic look completely unique and breath-taking.

 Check out some of the dresses, I’ve picked for you. You can buy these and other little black dresses on Millybridal. Make sure to check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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Source of information on LBD: Ehow
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  1. fab black dresses, loved the last one with sequence detail
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  2. nice selection..the first dress is fab


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