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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Have you ever heard of Quinceanera dresses? I have to admit, despite claiming to be a true fashionista, I did not know what the term actually refers to. If you are like me, keep on reading and find out more about the interesting tradition of these dresses. You can also follow my guide, which hopefully will help you find the right gown. 

The Spanish term Quinceañera refers to "fifteen-year-old". It means the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in Latin America, which is a very special day since the local people believe it is her journey from childhood to maturity. The young lady, usually called Quinceanera, wears a ball gown to make her look more elegant and grown up. As you may know, the traditional quinceanera dresses are known with their eye catching design in bright colours. Nowadays many young women choose quinceanera dresses for their prom or even wedding without giving a thought that they have a long tradition.  

When you are looking for a special occasion dress like this you usually feel overwhelmed from seing so many different styles and colours to choose from! This is why, it is very important to have a general idea of what type of look you’re going for, before you start the shopping. Whether you are looking for a traditional ball gown or a more modern dress, you can shop many cheap quinceanera dresses online on Sweetquinceaneradress.com

However, it could be quite challenging to find the right grown that fits your body and makes you feel completely comfortable at the same time. In the following guide I will present you three models (which you can see on the picture above) for different body types, which you can find on Sweetquinceaneradress.com

1.) The waistline of this dress style sits just below the bust, and the rest reaches down to the floor, which makes this model ideal for girls with large busts that are looking to distract the attention from their midsection. At the same time, this type of gown is the right choice for everyone who has tiny waist and want to underline it. 

2.) Dress number two can be called dropped waist since the waistline is quite low especially compared to dress 1). This model is perfect for tall slim girls. Shorter ladies should avoid lower waistline since it optically shortens the legs.

3.) This is how the traditional Quinceañera dress looks like. Typical for it is a slimming bodice, such as corset, in the upper half of the body and voluminous skirt that flows down to the floor. This ball gown fits every body type as the fitted bodice that creates the illusion of a flat mid section, while the full skirt can hide unbeneficial body parts like wide hips

So, choose the right model for your body type and remember: Classic (and these dresses are definitely a classic) is always in.

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  1. Wow! haven't heard about Quinceanera dresses but based on your wholesome review, I'm pretty sure they are gorgeous! Wish I could get my hands on them though hehehe it's amazing how you share this post many girls are looking for their perfect dresses so this is really helpful! <3

    love lots,


  2. Hi dear!!! I know them;)I wrote last week for them;)

  3. Wow so beautiful dresses<3 Love them all!!


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