Nostalgic feeling

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

"Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they seemed." - Michelle K

This seems like the perfect thought to start today's post with, since it is dedicated to this bittersweet nostalgic feeling everyone knows pretty well.

 I wanted to create a soft, melancholic, kind of retro inspired atmosphere where you feel like in another decade, like the time has slowed down or stopped.

Therefore, I decided to go for this romantic and delicate feminine outfit and I think I found the perfect skirt for this purpose! Why? The cut and the belt make it more even more delicate and vintage looking in my opinion.
To add a bit of contrast and modern vibe into the outfit, I went for these cute green ankle socks and chunky heel slippers. I have to admit that recently I have been loving this socks-in-shoes trend. I just like how funky and crazy it can look!
And how about you?
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"Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they seemed." - Michelle K

С тази мисъл реших да започна днешния пост, посветен на онези меланхолични настроения, в които всички изпадаме от време на време.
Исках да пресъздам именно това усещане, тази леко носталгична атмосфера, пренасяща ни като чели в друго десетилетие, където времето е забавило или дори спряло своя ход. 

Ето защо реших да заложа на тази пола, която  съвсем случайно открих наскоро (и при това на страхотна цена!) и си помислих, че ще бъде подходяща за целта, най-вече заради леката ретро нотка (дали заради коланчето или кройката), която внася. За да придам модерно излъчване и да внеса лек контраст към иначе нежно женствения тоалет, заложих на тези цветни чорапки до глезена и чехли с токче. Лично аз отскоро съм привърженик на тренда "чорапи в обувките", тъй като смятам, че внася много настроение и разчупва всеки един аутфит. 
А вие какво мислите за него?

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  1. Wow, cool look!

    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts!

  2. wowww, I love this outfit! That flower makes the whole look!

  3. Cool look! Have a nice day :)

    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts!

  4. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous! It's a pretty design and colour! This outfit is really cute and you look stunning girl xx

    Jasmine ||

  5. The colors are so pretty and you look really lovely dear! :)

  6. what an awesome pencil skirt! I love the color! super cool outfit!

  7. Стахотна както винаги. Обичам твоята оригиналност и неповторимост! Браво!

  8. Hey Dear,
    I really like your Posts & you have great Pictures. Would you like to support each other and follow via Bloglovin, Google + & GFC? That would be so cool, and I hope we stay in touch. :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx

  9. Wonderful colour combination, love the flower touch at your top!

  10. Amazing style ! Your skirt is perfect, I love this color :)


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