Wednesday, 18 July 2018
"It was our favorite part of the day, this in-between time, and it always seemed to last longer than it should--a magic and lavender space unpinned from the hours around it, between worlds."

The sun is slowly going down behind the wide purple fields, you sense the soft smell of fresh lavender and this romantic, almost magical flair in the air around you... Sounds somehow idyllic, doesn't it?

Some of the things I have always associated with the beginning of summer were the wide lavender fields near my hometown in Bulgaria. Unfortunately the last few years I have always been abroad during the time they bloom (from end of June to July, at least in our region). 
This is why I was this happier after we used the chance this year and managed to take some pictures there.

For this occasion I went for a feminine romanic outfit, which compliments the location perfectly, although I have to admit, I needed to improvise a bit. I decded to "repurpose" the white skirt to a dress since its length appeared a bit boring and old-fashioned to me. 
I think it turned out pretty well. What about you?

Of course, I still have to think about another way to integrate the skirt into my daily looks since this way of wearing is too bold (even) for me.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as well. Share with me in the comments below what do you associate most with it?


  1. beautiful lovely post ))
    stunning white dress
    new post

  2. You look lovely dear! and lovely location


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