Monday, 1 October 2018
Париж, Франция

Hello, friends.

Last weekend me and my boyfriend went for a romantic getaway in Paris.
For a weekend?! You might ask surprised. Does not sound like the best destination exactly when it comes to short trips, right? 

Yes, I know it is crazy going to this has-so-much-to-offer-city for such a short time, but when your mum refuses to take advantage of the gift you chose for her anniversary in the last minute, you decide it is time for some compromises. Afterall it would be a pity to see it go to waste. ;) 

Anyway, despite our short stay there, we managed to visit most maybe the half of the places on our list and, of course, to take some pictures (because there will always be enough time for this activity when you are dating a fashion blogger!). 
So if you are in Paris and your time is also limited, check out the following places where, in my opinion, you can take the perfect instagrammable pictures. This will save you a bit time, promised!


If you are looking for a nice background with the Eiffel Tower, then this location is a must for you. Surrounded by very fancy residences and hotels you might even start feeling like a real french girl for a minute. Not a bad place for stay, huh?


Cute little streets, located on a hill, vintage charm & atmosphere, this artistry neighborhood has so much more to offer then a good shooting location. 

My tipp: wake up early and enjoy the sun and a fresh baked croissant in one of the cute little cafés where Picasso and van Gogh used to dring their morning coffee as well. 


The Basilica is located on the hill I just mentioned it is not only worth seeing because of the special architecture, but also offers the best (in my opinion) view over Paris.

Unfortunately, I was filming a video at that time (will be up on my channel soon, stay tuned), so I forgot to take better pictures...


And while talking about churches, we cannot miss mentioning another the most common must-see place in Paris on probably every touris's list - yes, you guess right - the famous cathedral Notre-Dame. Considered as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, you should definitely also pay special attention to each details that makes it so unique. 


The best comes last... at least when we are talking about my personal favorites (as you can tell by the number of pictures we took there).
If you are looking for the best view of the Eiffel Tower, you shouldn's miss it, because here you can get some incredible straight on shots of it.

Tipp: since it gets really (!) overcrowded at noon, I advise you to come here as early as possible. This way you will not only have good light, but can also calmly enjoy this beautiful view and why not take a coffee from the coffee both nearby.

And how about you?

Have you been to Paris? Which is your favorite place there?


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