Monday, 24 December 2018
Венеция, Италия

 Hello guys!

If you've been following my updates on Instagram for a while the pictures I am about to share with you now won't be anything new to you. 
I literally bombarded you with content from our trip to Venice, but this is obviously not enough for me. And yes, if you've ever been to that city then you would understand why. 

"Which is your favorite European city?" - this is a quesion I used to hear a lot in the past and, honestly, didn't know how to respond to it. I guess I've never been that impressed by a city so that I could categorize it as my "favorite" (ok, Vienna was an exception, but after living there for 3 years  this somehow changed). 

And even though we stayed in Venice for only 3 days, our time there was really intense and even adventurous. For me it was overwhelming to meet this magical city that cannot be compared to any other, even if half of it was under water. Yes, we were lucky enough to see the worst flood in Venice for the last 10 years! It was kind of scary and exciting at the same time (as you can tell by my cool Italian "boots" providing me with a special style upgrade). 

Despite the crisis situation + a few broken plastic shoes and really wet feet we even managed to take some pictures for my blog (ok, it took us some time to "swim" to the the other end of the city, but it was worth it). 

Facit: Whether under water or not, Venice is always magical. After all, the few extra liter water could not steal the city's charm. 
I will definitely try to visit it again some day, but this time I will definitely take a look at the weather forecast first. I strongly recommend you to do the same soon, because the city is slowly sinking. So hurry up!

Have you already been to Venice? What is your impression of the city?

PS: stay tuned and don't miss my updates on Instagram  from a really exciting (and this time also warm!) place.
Wish you all a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the time with your beloved ones!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Venice is just lovely <3. Thank you dear, glad you like them!

  2. Really like your overall, beautiful pics, venice is surely a beauiful city..

  3. Lovely pics... You made Venice even more beautiful


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